The Office 365 Roadmap survey was set up to prioritize the rollout of the many functions and features available in Office 365. From the responses we received, we were able to determine the importance of the features (from most important to least important) to the University community as outlined below.

1                                            2                                                3                                                4                                          5
Multifactor Authentication – Conditional Access (MFA)                                                                 
Azure Information Protection (AIP)                                                                      
Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA)                                                                          
Mobile Device Management (MDM)                                                                                    
Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)                                                                                               
Cloud Application Security (CAS)                                                                                                                  
  • Multifactor Authentication – Conditional Access (MFA)  can cause a secondary authentication requirement when accessing services and files/documents under different conditions.
  • Azure Information Protection (AIP)permits the classification of documents and e-mail. It places a data classification toolbar on Office products. The data classifications then apply different conditions to the documents, for example, preventing copying, forwarding, printing. 
  • Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) – an on-premises service that looks for suspicious activity across a network, discovering attacks and advising on threats to specific devices.
  • Bookings – an application used for appointment scheduling – particularly useful for offices that have lots of appointment bookings.
  • Stream – a service for hosting videos.
  • Flow – a tool for creating workflows for a process.
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) – a component that enhances our capacity to secure and manage mobile devices by applying policies, issuing updates, and providing remote wiping capabilities, among other features.
  • Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) – a paid service that applies additional protections for e-mail, embedded e-mail links, and checking for malicious payloads in OneDrive, Teams, Sharepoint Online.
  • Planner – a sophisticated task manager that helps teams work on projects together in a transparent and visual manner.
  • PowerBI – a data analytics toolkit that may be connected to one or many data sources to assist in analysis and visualisation.
  • PowerApps – a development kit for building applications to integrate with Office 365.
  • Cloud Application Security (CAS) – a toolset that provides insight into cloud application use across the organisation, assists in policy compliance (relating to data loss prevention tools), and watches for threats in cloud interactions.
  • StaffHub – a service designed for people who are often out and about across the campus. Its uses include scheduling for shifts, communicating with people on the go, and making information available to select groups.