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Skype for Business has all of Skype’s great features plus: screen sharing, video conferencing, and it is linked to the rest of your Office 365 suite so you can start a call from any application.


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Skype for Business is included in Office 365 that allows you to communicate and collaborate with individuals throughout your organization. Skype for Business includes instant messaging, audio and video conferencing, online meetings, and screen sharing. In this course, Nick Brazzi shows how to take advantage of all the capabilities of this robust collaboration platform. Nick begins by showing how to install Skype for Business and navigate the interface. Next, he explains how to send instant messages, initiate audio and video calls, and share and present files in a meeting. Plus, Nick demonstrates how to set up scheduled meetings and impromptu gatherings, and covers how to use Skype for Business via mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Topics include:

  • Installing the Skype for Business application
  • Touring the interface
  • Managing contacts
  • Sending instant messages
  • Switching between call types
  • Starting a call from Outlook 2016 for Windows
  • Starting a conversation from Outlook on the web
  • Scheduling meetings with the Office 365 calendar
  • Joining a scheduled meeting
  • Sharing extra content during a call
  • Recording a call or meeting
  • Using Skype for Business via an iOS or Android mobile app
PDF Instructions: Using Skype for Business on Windows – The Basics
PDF Instructions: Using Skype for Business on a Mac – The Basics
Troubleshooting speaker issues

For tips on troubleshooting any problems you may be experiencing with your speakers using Skype for business, see:



Join a Skype meeting as a guest through the web app

If you have been invited to a Skype meeting and you don’t have a UTmail+ account, you can join as a guest.

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Using Skype for Business

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  • Installing Skype for Business
  • For online meetings
  • Chat

Using Skype for Business Functions

  • Setting Presence indicator
  • S4B capabilities
  • Contacting others
  • Contacting Skype for Business users outside U of T
  • Contacting regular Skype users
  • Recording meetings for replay
Create a Skype meeting in UTmail+

You can use Skype for Business to have group meetings without leaving your desk. Have voice only meetings, video meetings, share your screen, and use instant messaging. Plus, it’s linked to the rest of your Office 365 suite so you can start a call from any application.

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Install the Skype for Business web app

To learn more about accessing Skype for Business via the web application, visit

Join a Skype meeting through the web app

If you have been invited to a Skype meeting through UTmail+, you can join either through the web app, or through the Skype desktop app.

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