OFFICE 365 NEWS UPDATE: Sending Surveys with Office 365 
Sending Surveys with Office 365

Departments wishing to use a third-party service to circulate an email survey to large groups of U of T students, faculty and staff can now request to use a email address to ensure:  messages are not rejected or otherwise tagged as SPAM  messages are delivered to the ‘focused’ inbox in UTmail+.  the mail is sent from a U of T email address […]

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OFFICE 365 NEWS UPDATE: Changes to Global Address Lists in Office 365
Changes to Global Address Lists in Office 365

UTmail+ maintains a directory of all users called the Global Address List (GAL) which can only be searched by registered users of the UTmail+ system. This directory is now divided into three address lists that may or may not be available to you depending on your affiliation and how you access your mail: Resource Address […]

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Office 365 Tip #21: Recover Files in OneDrive
Tip # 21 Recover files in OneDrive

Office 365 Tip #21: Recover Files in OneDrive OneDrive has a Recycle bin as well as a Second stage recycle bin, allowing you to recover files you’ve deleted  up to 180 days after you’ve deleted them. Items in the Recycle bin will be automatically moved to the Second-stage recycle bin after 90 days, where it […]

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Results of the Office 365 Survey
Office 365 Roadmap Survey Results

The Office 365 Roadmap survey was set up to prioritize the rollout of the many functions and features available in Office 365. From the responses we received, we were able to determine the importance of the features (from most important to least important) to the University community as outlined below. 1                                            2                                                3                                                4                                          5 Multifactor Authentication – Conditional […]

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