Office 365 Update from U of T's Migration Team

September Update from U of T’s Office 365 Team

Over the upcoming months, the University of Toronto will be gradually migrating Faculty & Staff from Exchange to UTmail+ powered by Office 365. The Office 365 migration team have been working with divisions and departments across the University to develop a more complete understanding of user needs and to ensure that all groups have been engaged throughout this migration process.

Why Faculty & Staff are moving to Office 365

There’s a lot to look forward to with Office 365: increased storage, greater flexibility and new communication and collaboration tools.

With Office 365 you will be able to access your apps on the go. You can access your files from any device on any platform. With OneDrive, you can store all of your documents in the cloud, accessible from anywhere.

Using Office 365’s new communication tools you will be able to connect with your new colleagues using its new social apps. Skype for business will provide you with all of your video conferencing needs, along with instant messaging and voice calling.

Collaboration will be so easy with Office 365. Using OneDrive, you can share documents, edit collaboratively to create projects that truly reflect your whole team. Shared calendars, multi-party video, and group chats ensure that you are always connected with your team.

Office 365 Training & Resources

Register for one of our in-person training sessions, where you can learn about Office 365, including:

  • What is Office 365?
  • What’s included in the suite of services?
  • Navigating Office 365 online
  • Email and Calendaring
  • Skype for Business
  • OneDrive

To register, visit our Training page.

Self-Study Option

If you prefer self-driven learning, check out the online course notes for the “Getting Started with Office 365” course.

Need more information about Office 365?

Your department will let you know when you will be making the move.

The move to Office 365 presents an exciting opportunity for the University of Toronto’s faculty and staff. For more information on Office 365 including upcoming training dates, migration timelines, and other online resources, visit our website: