Owners of an MS Team may notice the availability of a tool called “Planner.” This tool is a light-weight but effective project planning and tracking tool. It’s increasingly popular with groups that use Teams for project planning. However, there is one major caveat in using Planner with your Team. It is NOT automatically backed up. If a Team owner accidentally deletes content from Planner, in whole or in part, it will be deleted, unless the owner has been manually backing up the data.

Here are the instructions to manually back up your Team’s Planner data:

  1. With a browser (not the Teams app or Teams from the waffle in an app), visit: https://tasks.office.com
  2. Enter your U of T email address, which should prompt you with the U of T web login page (if you are already logged in to Office with that browser, it will take you straight to the Planner website).
  3. You should see any projects where Planner is being used in your Teams. Select the project you want to back-up. By default, when you click on any of your projects, it will jump to the ‘Board’ page of that project, which shows you the little boxes view of a Planner project.
  4. At the top of the project page, next to the project name, you will see several textual links: Board, Charts and Schedule.
  5. Notice the three dots (…), that’s a link too. Click on the three dots, and you will have an option to “Export Plan to Excel.” Click on that and it should open up your data in an Excel file. You must repeat this step frequently.
  6. The back-up is neither automatic or synchronized.