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Why We’re Moving to UTmail+
powered by Office 365

For the last few years, we have been working on improving Faculty & Staff communication and collaboration tools. Office 365 offers a variety of tools to facilitate learning, teamwork, and project management for the U of T community.

We’re Replacing UTORexchange and UTORmail

UTORexchange equipment has reached end-of-life, which means 20,000 UTORexchange accounts will be migrated to UTmail+ powered by Office 365. Email and calendaring will remain similar, but come with additional benefits including the following:

  • 50GB mailbox and relatively unlimited archive
  • Available across all devices with better syncronization
  • Better spam and malware protection
  • Skype for Business available for online meetings

Migration Process

The migration to UTmail+ for Faculty & Staff can be divided into three stages.

  1. Migration Preparation
  2. Migration / Implementation
  3. Post-Migration Support

Migration Help for Users

For more information on how you can prepare for the migration to Office 365, visit our Migration Preparation for Users page.

Migration Process for Divisions

For more information on the migration process for Divisions, please visit our Migration Preparation for Divisions page.