Download the Migration Checklist for UTORexchange Users (PDF)

Learn more about the service offerings and what you can do pre- and post-migration to ensure the best possible Office 365 experience.

For more information and detailed instructions, visit the U of T Information Commons Office 365 Help page.

Pre- and Post-Migration FAQs

Pre-Migration (UTORExchange and UTORmail)

For the most up-to-date pre-migration checklists, please visit the Information Commons UTmail+ page:


How to log in to UTmail+ (powered by Office 365)

To log in to UTmail+


Get your free copy of Office 2016 for U of T Faculty and Staff with your new Office 365 Account

If you are a current U of T faculty, librarian or staff member with an appointment of 20% or more, you have access to full desktop versions and mobile versions of Microsoft Office. You may run Office on up to 5 personal machines (Mac or PC). You can also run the Office Mobile Apps (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) on up to 5 mobile devices (on various platforms). To find out if your mobile device is eligible, log into Office 365 through webmail and choose Office 365 settings from under the settings icon. Click Software then click Phone & Tablet.

For instructions, visit:

Reattach Signature files after UTmail+ Migration

After migration, you may need to re-attach your Email signature files.

For full instructions, visit:

Remove locally stored password in Outlook 2016 on Windows

If you are having problems accessing your UTmail+ account, Windows may be using stored credentials from your old UTORexchange account. To fix this, remove locally stored passwords for Outlook using the Credential Manager.

For full instructions, visit:

Update your Preferred Display Name

If you were recently migrated from UTORexchange to UTmail+ and your preferred display name no longer appears, you can reset it

For full instructions, visit:

Create a rule to separate student messages from staff messages for merged UTmail+ accounts

If you have an or an account, it will be merged with your account. If you wish to keep incoming messages to each account separate, you will need to create a rule so that messages sent to your account are sorted into another folder.

For full instructions, visit:

Update your delegate settings

If you have both an and an account, settings for delegate access may not have been migrated and you will need to set it up again.

To view full instructions, visit:

Upgrade to Office 2016

If you are not currently using Outlook 2016, upgrade your software.

Windows users: Reattach your PST files after migration

Your Personal Folders/Local Folders will not be automatically migrated across with your online folders. This is because personal folders sit locally on your computer rather than on the mail server. To keep these folders and contacts, you must re-attach or import them to your new UTmail+ account.

For full instructions, visit:

Set up UTmail+ on Desktop Clients
Set up UTmail+ on Mobile Clients

iOS — Instructions for accessing your UTmail+ account using an iOS device such as an iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad and the iOS Mail app.

Android — Instructions for accessing your UTmail+ account using a device with the Android Operating System and the Gmail mail app.

Script: Remove cached credentials and set default profile to Office 365 on Windows

Script for removing cached credentials in Outlook, and setting the default profile to Office 365.



  1. Download the file and unzip it.
  2. Find the batch file RunMe-ConfigureOutlookPostMigration.bat and run it.
  3. If you get an error, please try the following
    • Right-click ConfigureOutlookPostMigration.PS1 in the ConfigureOutlookPostMigration folder and select Properties.
    • On the General tab, under Security, click the Unblock checkbox.
    • Click OK.
    • Try running RunMe-ConfigureOutlookPostMigration.bat again