Office 365 Foundational Roadmap

The Office 365 Foundational Roadmap shows the timeline for the integration and delivery of a number of O365 functions and features. It is available as a PDF. View the PGAC_O365_Foundational_Roadmap_for_2019_20.

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Office 365 Tip #27 – Scheduling at-a-glance
Tip #27 - Scheduling at-a-glance

You can now see at a glance when people you’d like to meet with are available. In OWA, go to the calendar section and create a new meeting. Add everyone you’d like to invite, then on the right-hand side, drag to select a meeting time. You will see if everyone is available right away.

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Office 365 Tip #26 – Ensuring that email messages incorrectly marked as spam are received in the future as valid mail
Office 365 Tip #26 - Using Message Reporting and Safe Senders List

Our recent migration of MX records for the and domains changed the way that anti-spam works for individuals with addresses in those domains; incoming mail is now scanned by Exchange Online Protection (EOP). There have been sporadic reports of EOP generating spam false positives (legitimate messages marked as spam and delivered to the […]

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Office 365 Tip #25: Set importance of chat messages in Teams
Tip #25 Set importance of chat messages in Teams

When you are sending an individual message to someone through Teams, you can set the importance of the message so people are notified if it’s important or urgent. When composing your message, click on the exclamation mark icon a the bottom and choose the message importance. Please note, this feature is only available for individual […]

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MX Record Migration Project
Information about the MX Record Migration Project

We have completed a 6-stage process to having our MX records directed to Microsoft which permitted the enabling of Exchange Online Protection (EOP) and other e-mail security features. Multiple steps were taken to ensure each functioned correctly before proceeding to the next. The following info outlines each step and when it occurred. Stage 1: Updated […]

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Office 365 Tip #24 – Embedding MS Forms in a WordPress Site
Office 365 Tip #24 - Embedding MS forms in a Wordpress site

Create or edit a page or post in which you wish to embed the form. Get the embed code from MS form: Click the Share menu in the top right Select the Embed option under Send and collect responses Click Copy. under Send and collect responses, you can select an option so that anyone who […]

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